Call Blocker

"Call Blocker" helps you to avoid annoying calls. Just add the number to the "Blacklist" or use simple blocking options.

You can add any unwanted numbers to the "Blacklist" from calls log, contacts list or input the number manually. Also, using “Begins with” option, you can block a range of numbers with certain first digits.

Love Photo

Photos of your beloved on the desktop of smartphone surrounded by hearts and kisses. Perfect expression of feelings on Valentine's Day and any other.


Flashlight is an easy, quick app which does not require extra memory and processor resources and is optimized for quick switch-on. When you start it, you will instantly get a light source. This is a reliable, simple app which will always come to your rescue when you need a flashlight.

Call Confirm

How many times have you accidentally dialed the wrong number? Call Confirm can save you from accidental calls, plus, thanks to the user-friendly interface, you will not need to spend time looking for the call button.

Flexible settings allow you to set call confirmation for the necessary numbers.

Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus is a powerful call blocker and SMS spam filter.
Blocking calls and messages is simple and effective now!

With this application you can forget about annoying calls and advertising messages.

You can choose any of the four different block modes:
- Blacklist
- All except whitelist
- All except contacts
- All numbers

Quick Contacts

There are people whom we call most often. This application will help you to call such contacts quickly.

Convenient widget allows you to make a call with one click, as well as find information about calls of the selected contact.

SMS Filter

This application will save you from SMS spam. Easily add unwanted senders to the blacklist.
You can add to the blacklist any number from messages log, contacts, calls log, or enter number manually.

All blocked messages are stored in the list of spam, and at any time you can be sure that you do not accidentally lose useful message.

Heart & Feeling Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper shows more hearts when you shake the device.
There are settings you can adjust: color, brightness and saturation. Also you can change background image (available in PRO version).

When there is a feeling in your heart, everything is talking about it, even your phone.
Heart & Feeling Live Wallpaper says about it best of all.

Valentine's Day is not the only day when you can say what you are feeling!

Calls Blacklist

This app blocks unwanted calls and SMS, helps manage a black list. Easy and lightweight, it does not consume battery of your device.

You can block any numbers from your contacts list, and calls log or add unwanted number manually.

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